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Performance PC is amazed at the sheer variety and uniqueness of our customer base every day. From artists to gamers, our customers continue to surprise us with their ingeninuity and product needs. We can only hope that we pass on this amazement and respect to each order we fill, and it seems we are doing a great job so far. Read some of our customer testimonials below. Have a story to share? Email us!

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The i7, liquid cooled, overclocked gaming computer built from PPC is unbelievable. It outperforms everything I've seen. The tech service is outstanding. I highly recommend.

- Victor Weiss.

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I am really impressed with the machine. The workmanship is superb. It is a very clean machine and the performance is quite impressive.

- Dave Barret.

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I contacted these guys a couple months ago for a real special kind of build in our data center. I worked with Matt over the period of a couple days. Not only did he nail, but exceeded all my expectations in the process. Just one of his machines dances circles around a couple other systems here- and it was almost half the price! If you are looking for a new computer, and like to know that everything inside is top notch. Give these guys a call!

- A.A.

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I have been working hard editing 100's of photos with my new computer system the last couple weeks and with your help now have the new 2 terabyte hard drive seamlessly installed. In addition to the great bootup speed with the separate solid state drive you guys recommended, my work flow now proceeds pretty much without waiting on pixelated images to resolve and come into focus so that editing can proceed. I am thankful for the improved performance and for the money I have saved not trying to assemble a higher performance machine to my specs at one of the major computer vendor's websites. The tip to wait and get my main storage hard drive after market disruption from the floods in Thailand had passed and prices returned to normal was so helpful! I estimate buying from you guys saved me around $750, perhaps more. Your friendly personal service at all stages of the experience was just super. You really listened to my computing needs and then built me a superb machine! I couldn't thank you enough for all of the above.

- James Willis

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So I often get asked about the equipment I use for my work. Both in the field and in the digital darkroom so I thought I’d share a complete list here with everybody. I’ve used B&H PHOTO for years now and cannot speak highly enough of them. Highly recommended. LEICA NIKON DIGITAL DARKROOM My workstation is a custom built PC, built for me by PERFORMANCE PERSONAL COMPUTERS. I highly recommend them. My workstation cost me about 3k and it is incredible. In fact you couldn’t even build a Mac Pro with this feature set, and if you could it would probably run you at least 10k. These guys will custom build your system from the ground up and they are true experts. Just so you have an idea of what I got for 3k:
4.8ghz 8-core I-7 processor (overclocked)
4tb (4X1TB) Western Digital Caviar Black ENTERPRISE GRADE Drives in RAID O (for speed. i have a separate external drive set up for RAID 1)
Additional 1tb Caviar Black for internal Storage and OS
12gb RAM
And much more. And believe me when I tell you this makes my post production work so efficient. I highly recommend the investment in a capable workstation.

- Otto Schulze

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If I can sum up my total experience with Performance PC in three words it would be SECOND TO NONE!!! This was my first purchase with PPC and let me say that regardless of what type computer system you are looking for, PPC has your answer. Their staff are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and will make sure you are a satisfied customer. I have purchased from vendors online and locally but my experience with this company certifies my returning for future purchases.

When you order a system from PPC, you will get expert advice on all attributes of your computer from the case to the motherboard. No stone will be left unturned when choosing a new computer from Performance PC. After receiving my new system, I was overwhelmed with the quality of the build. As an online gamer, I was very anxious to try out my new computer on World of Warcraft. My previous system had a tough time with lower frames per second (fps) especially in congested areas like Dalaran. I got down to as low as 4 FPS on my old system at low video settings. All of that is a thing of the past!!!!

Performance PC has created a gaming MONSTER! Now I can play World of Warcraft at the game's highest video settings and I can hang out in Dalaran without lag and maintain a massive 73 FPS!!!

Another example of this system's performance was when I went on a 25 man raid, my jaw dropped when I saw I had an unbelievable 133 FPS during a boss fight!!!

My customer service experience is nothing less than phenomenal! I had "first-rate" service over the phone and didn't have to wait 30 - 45 minutes like other companies make you wait.

My question was answered quickly and professionally and this solidified my standing as a Performance PC customer for years to come. Your experience will be just as satisfying."

- Steve

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I have made numerous Internet purchases of all kinds. My purchase of a high performance PC from Performance Personal Computers now rates as the purchase which, in every way, has been my most satisfying". I had never had such prompt, reliable, knowledgeable, friendly service.

While most of my purchases have had some satisfying aspect, I never had the feeling that I had purchased from a local store and that there was someone there who was willing to do whatever it took to make my purchase a wholly rewarding experience, This is what Performance PC is all about.

I wish them every success and I am sure that they are doing everything they can to make this business a win-win situation for all."

- George

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I would like to thank the staff at for an outstanding experience. After agreeing upon specifications, my computer arrived as desired, and overclocked stably. My experience couldn't really be any more positive from the performance of my machine to the dedicated support I continue to receive from the staff nearly a year after my purchase. These guys know what they are doing and they rock."

- Eli

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I started researching system builders on the internet, a year ago. I looked at over 50 sites, built many systems on configurators, talked to some sales people, and received several quotes for a build out. When I talked to Jason @ Performance PC, I knew he was the guy for the job. Jason was friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. He quickly assessed my needs and was able to guide me on my computer decisions. I wanted to wait for 7 to come out and Jason suggested waiting some additional time to get the new video cards. He was not concerned with making the sale right then, he wanted to ensure that I would have exactly what I wanted.

When I was ready to purchase my computer, I only went to one place, Performance PC. Jason remembered speaking with me and we were able to design an amazing system. Jason's overall flexibility was something I did not find with other builders, he was able to utilize some of my current components to keep the computer on budget. He made suggestions on where to allocate my resources and built the system with the ability to easily upgrade down the road.

In my business we say customer service does not start until there is a problem. Jason called me and let me know that while they were testing the system, they ran into a snag, and wanted to retest the system. He then offered me an upgrade and still managed to get my computer here on time. The day it arrived, Jason called me to see if I needed any help with setting it up and to see if I was satisfied. His customer service has been above and beyond. I have had some issues playing some older games on Windows 7, and he went through the net and researched my issue and then walked me through the fix. Not only has he been helpful with technical issues, but he has also given me advice on new speakers, wireless routers, and laptops.

The total experience has been superb, my computer flies (it also looks like a work of art), the service has been beyond the call of duty, and the price was better than I could have gotten anything remotely similar on any other site. If you are shopping other sites, make sure you call and talk to Jason. His configurator is great, but when you talk with him, he can give you up to the minute prices that are even better than anything you will see online. To purchase my components alone on other sites was more than I was charged for the entire system built, tuned, and overclocked.

Truly a great shopping experience."

- Brian

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Thank you for your time and most of all for your expertise. I am pleased to see that Performance offers the option of consulting with someone our time spent this morning makes me even more so. I can't wait to get this machine integrated into my setup and see what it can do. Usually at this time I would be fighting off buyers remorse and holding back thoughts about "what if", thanks to you I'm 100 percent comfortable and happy my order is pending. "

- Chuck Stegenga

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You guys just knocked my socks off....................."

- Clay Smith

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Best. Machine. EVER"

- Jennifer Hendrick

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