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This is why people choose Performance PC for their technological needs. No adware, bloatware, or options you'd never dream of using or desire. We give you only what you need to accomplish whatever goal you want to set in motion. A pen for the writer, a brush for the painter. We excel at custom building anything our customers can think up. Better yet, our esteemed support staff ensures that your purchase continues to perform that way. After all, no one wants a tool that just 'doesn't work'. Honest, customized performance. It's what we do.

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Frequently Asked Questions [f.a.q]
Q: What is a solid state drive [SSD]?
Q: What are the benefits of a solid state drive [SSD]?
Q: What is RAID?
Q: What is a storage drive [HDD]?
Q: What is liquid cooling?
Q: What are the advantages to liquid cooling?
Q: What is Hyper Threading?
Q: What is Overclocking?
Q: Is overclocking bad for my pc?
Q: What can I expect from overclocking?
Q: Do I have to purchase an overclocked pc?
Q: What is your return policy?
Q: Does Performance PC offer technical support?
Q: Does Performance PC offer a warranty?
Q: Will Performance PC build me a custom machine using parts and other materials selected by me?

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